1953 – City Directory – Pictures

In previous blogs I’ve written about the good resources one can find in a City Directory and I found an excellent example in the 1953 Detroit City Directory.



While creating the family tree for Gordon F Laramie, I got a City Directory hint for Morris G Laramie.


1 - 1953- Hint listing Laramie


The hint gives me a text transcription of item and a chance to view original image.



2 - 1953- Text listing Laramie

This is the information for the transcription. If I took this hint and “looked no further” I would have missed some valuable information. I noticed the note “See page 92 Buyers Guide” so I used the arrows to go to Page 92. [Remember how to do this?]


3 - 1953- Page 92 -  Laramie

4 - 1953 - City Dir Harry M Schinbine Seldon - Detroit full page

5 - Laramie Equipment Morris Godon n Jr 1953

I take a screen print of the page that contains the information and also capture the individual pictures.



6 - Morris G Laramie 1953 Detroit City Dir Ad for business

7 - Gordon F Laramie 1953 Detroit City Dir Ad for business

8 - Gordon F Laramie Jr 1953 Detroit City Dir Ad for business



I then put those pictures on the tree.


9 - 1953 - Family Tree - city dir



10 - Laramie Equipment Morris Godon n Jr 1953 text

So don’t just take the first city directory hint, read the information and look at the rest of the city directory.



I hope this will help you remember that when working with city directories always look for more.


Thank you.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan



Additional Family Tree Information:

Advertisement photo in a business city directory showing his son and g-son the business is: Morris G. Laramie and Son, Inc. – Excavating


Tree created to hold screen print of City Dir Ad


Gordon F Laramie – City Dir Ad with pictures 1953 Family Tree

Owner: josemunoz2546



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