Steal Away to Jesus

Little items, in old papers
Will often, lead the way
To new, discoveries
Hidden, treasures
That are, on the web.

It’s funny how a small item in a newspaper can lead you to research things that you were not even thinking about, and can make you write a poem, as in this case.

I was looking for a marriage item (Prof. D. R. Lewis was married at Woburn, Mass.) in an old Baltimore, Maryland newspaper: The Afro American – Jan 4, 1902.

I found the item back in April of 2012 but had not put it on a tree. I had contacted three different family tree owners and sent them the item, but now I was going to create a tree for it. As I was looking for the item I came across another little item and my quest was diverted to research a totally different topic.

1902 - The Birth of a Melody - Baltimore

Update: 12 Jun 2020 — Here is the link that will get you to the page. Look down the column to find the above item.


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Here is the information I was looking for:
Baltimore, Maryland newspaper

Marriage - D R Lewis 2 Ida Mae Jordan 1902


I hope this little posting has given you some history and will make you stop and look at other items in an old newspaper.

Work on your family tree, looking for family nuggets but don’t be so focused that you miss the little gems around you.

Thank You.
Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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