Pierce, Corey and Donally

The title is not a law firm. Those are the names that are on a transcript page of an 1870 U.S. census record.

Sub-title: How can I add a person to the tree without having to type in all their information?

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Don’t you just hate it when you pull up a census record and there are other family names in the transcription that do not fit in with the family you have been following?

Who are these people that are mixed in with the family?

Adding people to the family tree when there is no known connection to the family is a pain but you have to because they might be part of the family.

On some census records the relationship to the head of household is defined, but on others the person or persons have no known relationship.

What do you do with them?

Question: How can I add a person or another family to the tree without having to type in all their information?

Here is a step by step procedure for adding those unknowns to the family tree “FILE” without attaching them to the tree and without having to type in all their information.

I was creating a family tree using information off of an obituary and brought up this 1870 census record.

2 Families in household 0

The Joseph Pierce (yes I know the transcript it wrong) family was on the 1860 census so this 1870 census is for them; Joseph, Mary, Lucian and W. Everett Pierce.

The other three people named Corey and the one person named Donally are not part of the family.

I want to include them in the family tree file just in case they turn out to be relatives but I don’t want to have to type in all their information so I simple do the following.

2 Families in household 000

Francis Corey is obviously the head of the Corey group so I will do him first.

I click on his name and bring up the transcription page for him.

2 Families in household 001

1. make sure you are on his page.
2. Save record to someone in my tree
3. Click on lower right Add this to a new person.

2 Families in household 002

This page comes up already filled out with all his information. You can select Deceased instead of Living but you can to that later.

Click on Save.

2 Families in household 003

His new page comes up with all the information on it plus the 1870 source file attached to him.

2 Families in household 004

We can check his tree to make sure he is not attached to the HOME tree.


We now go back to the 1870 transcript and do the same for Lucy.
2 Families in household 005

1. Make sure it’s her info
2. Save record to someone in my tree
3. Click on lower right Add this to a new person.

2 Families in household 006

Her new page comes up with all her information already typed in.

Click on Save.

2 Families in household 007

on her page
1. Click “Edit this person”
2. Click on Relationship.

2 Families in household 008

This page will come up where you can add her to a father (or mother).

Click on +Add Father

A new page comes up where you can type in the information but we don’t want to type anything so we select “Choose from a list”

2 Families in household 009

The list of people already on the tree will come up so we find the father “Corey, Francis” and Click on + Select.


Francis Corey is put in as her father.
2 Families in household 010

Click Done.

2 Families in household 011

Her new profile page comes up and it now has a father.

2 Families in household 012

Bring up her tree and you will see she is attached to Francis Corey.


Follow the same step to add Jane.
2 Families in household 013


Follow the same step to add Mary Donally; you don’t have to add her to Francis because he is not her father.
2 Families in household 014


This is what the tree would look like if you could bring up all the trees at the same time.
2 Families in household 015

You have the HOME tree, the Corey tree and the Mary Donally tree and we did all that without typing any of the information on to the tree.


If we look at the Family list of people we will see that they have been added to the family tree “FILE”.
2 Families in household 016

I hope this little “HOW TO” posting will help you with your family trees.

Adding the people on to the Family Tree File does not affect the family tree but it does make it easier to attach them to the HOME tree later on if you find out that they are part of the family; (an in-law, or cousin). You won’t have to go searching for that census file where you “saw” those extra names. All the people who had something to do with our HOME family are all in the tree file and we put them there without typing in their information.

As for Mary Donally, she is probably a servant and lived with the family and she too is now in the Family Tree File where her relatives will be able to find her. Her profile page will show the census record and will show that she lived with this family and probably worked for the family. Adding her did not affect the Family Tree and it was a fairly easy thing to do and we didn’t have to type in her information.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

By Jose A Munoz

Retired General Motors designer who now works on subjects dealing with genealogy. I create trees using items I find in old Google News Archive newspapers and I contact other tree owners notifying them about the news item concerning their relative and send them a link to the tree I created. I post a screen print of the news item on the tree for others to copy, so that my work will benefit others. Occasionally, I will post about the tree I created or the item that I found, always with a "how to" in-bedded in the post. I want my blog posts to help others with their family trees or with their genealogy experiences.

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