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Many record collections are available but do you really know how to use them?

One of those collections is the Associated Press (AP) Name Card Index which has lots of good information but many users don’t take full advantage of the information. Partners with Associated Press for Historical News

In this collection when the transcription of the file comes up it shows only one of the cards available and it is up to the user to go into the original record and scroll through the card collection to get to the other cards/pages.

As an example we will look at the Mitchell cards.

The transcript that comes up is for only the first card in the collection; image 346.

AP - Trans and card 001

AP card slide 1
Image 346


At the bottom of the card there is a scroll box.

Arrow to scroll image
Click on the arrow to go to the next card.


AP card slide 2
Image 347


AP card slide 3
Image 348


AP card slide 4
Image 349


Many records have this similar situation “additional pages are not shown“. The passport records and Application to SAR & DAR are just a few other examples.

I hope this posting will help you remember to take that extra step “SCROLL”, to discover all the information available.

Thank You.
Jose from Clarkston, Michigan