Link to another page

Have you ever wanted to link a posting to another one of your posts?

I wrote about Emma Wickersham and then did a follow up posting on her.

I made reference to the first post but I wanted to link to it.

I know HTML so I could code the link into my posting but I wanted an easier way.

I found the easier way watching a “How To Word Press” video.

I give you the steps on how to link to another posting, without doing any HTML coding.

1. I wrote about Emma WickershamEmma L. Wickersham Slide 1

2. I wrote another post about her and wanted to link back to the first post.
Emma Slide 2

3. In order to do that I have to Edit the second post.
Emma Slide 3

4. I am in the dashboard and click on my post to get full list.
Emma Slide 4

5. I now have the list of posting and have several ways of finding a particular posting.
Emma Slide 5

6. I use search for Emma.
Emma Slide 6

7. I get all my post that mention Emma.
Emma Slide 7

8. I select Edit to edit that posting.
Emma Slide 8

9. I make sure I am on Visual.
Emma Slide 9

10. I scroll through my text to find the word or phrase to link. I will be able to preview so I don’t worry.
Emma Slide 10

11. I highlight my text that I want to link.
Emma Slide 11

12. I click on the “LINK” icon.
Emma Slide 12

13. I get this new menu.
Emma Slide 13

14. I can type in the URL or better yet I can select from a scroll menu. I can also have the link open in a new window.
Emma Slide 14

15. I scroll down the menu and find my “first” Emma posting.
Emma Slide 15

16. When I select the post it shoots up to the top along with it’s URL. I also check off Open in new window.

I then click UPDATE.
Emma Slide 16

17. I am now back in my edit page and see that the word has been linked.
Emma Slide 17

18. I now do a Preview and see that it looks good.
Emma Slide 18

19. I leave preview and go back into Edit. I want the word or phrase to stand out as a link.
Emma Slide 19

20. I click on Bold, underline and color text to change the “look” of the word or phrase.
Emma Slide 20

21. Now it looks a little better.
Emma Slide 21

22. I do a Preview to make sure I didn’t mess anything up.
Emma Slide 22

23. When I am in preview I make sure my link opens up on a new page.
Emma Slide 23

24. I go back to edit and click on “Update” to publish this new posting and then I click on “View post“.
Emma Slide 24

25. Here is my finished post with the word or phrase linked.
Emma Slide 25

I hope this has helped you in learning a new skill.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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