The Secret Life of Plants – 1905

Back in the 1970’s our little community of organic gardeners; in Lansing, Michigan, was all a buzz about the new book called “The Secret Life of Plants”.
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Secret Life of Plants from Wiki 1973

We talked about the findings of the book and even did our own little experiments to see if we could prove the findings that plants could sense their surroundings. We talked to the plants and played soft music for them and as a reward we had a house full of healthy living plants.

Of course there were critics of the book’s finds and they backed their views with studies and called the whole notion pseudoscientific; as stated in the Wikipedia posting “…The book is generally regarded as pseudoscientific by skeptics and scientists…”

Well, today in August 2013 I saw a newspaper item which backs the books findings and the story comes; not from modern day scientists but rather from a Three Rivers, Michigan newspaper dated April 1905.

I wonder if that little newspaper item was referenced in “The Secret Life of Plants”.

From the article; “According to an expert in the botanic gardens at Washington, recent experiments there tend to confirm the theory that plants are possessed of nerves and that some species are irritable and nervous to a marked degree..”

You can read the article on this screen print of the 1905 newspaper article or go to the newspaper web page using the link below.

Plants Go Into Hysterics 1905

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Three Rivers, Michigan
Three Rivers Daily Reporter
April 4, 1905