Belinda Easlick of Elsie, Michigan – 1972

I thought that a 1972 wedding announcement with a lot of information would yield a real family tree for the bride or groom, but I have not been able to find a home for the newspaper item that I found.

In the The Argus-Press published in Owosso, Michigan , Saturday, July 1, 1972 I found this item:

Wed Item
Wed Item

Since I was unable to find a Family Tree Owner to whom I could send the item, I decided to create a family tree with the information I found in the newspaper announcement.

Family Tree
Family Tree

While working on the tree, I was able to confirm the groom’s father’s death date so I went to my News Archive Collection for the state of Michigan and found an Obituary for the groom’s father (John Sperl).

John Serl Obit
John Serl Obit

In the obituary there were new names which I thought would lead to a family tree but I still was unable to find one. Here is the new names and relationship:

John Sperl 1921-1974
son-in-law: Donald W Mulder
wife: Margaret Porubsky
step-sister: Hildegarde Machuta

I was able to get a hint for a family tree for the Porubsky family but I was unable to confirm the names or dates because most of the family is living.

In any living person’s information is not visible to the public so all I see on someone else’s tree is “Living”. I sent a message to that family tree owner and sent him the information I had.

I also put all the information and newspaper items on to the Message Board of RootsWeb.
With all the messages and postings maybe someone in the family will see the items and contact me so that I can send them the information which should be on Belinda’s and Kenneth family tree.

Thank You.

The information I got from the original newspaper item:
Bride: Belinda Easlick of Elsie, Michigan
Groom: Kenneth Sperl of Elsie, Michigan
Date of Wedding: 24 Jun 1972
Parents of Bride: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Easlick Sr.; of Lask Road, Elsie, Michigan

Parents of Groom: Mr. & Mrs. John Sperl ; of Island Road, Elsie, Michigan
bridesmaids: Patty Sperl, sister of groom, Mrs. Mike Kadlek twin sister of bride (Belinda)
of Ovid, Michigan and Mrs. Robert Easlick Jr. sister-in-law of bride of Owosso, Michigan
Ring Bearer: Scotty Easlick of Owosso, Michigan
Grandmother of bride: Mrs. Lily Simpson of Apple Valley, Calif
[Apple Valley, San Bernardino, California]

Link to Created a Tree on named: Belinda Eastlick wed Ken Sperl June 1972 Family Tree

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    1. The family tree Easlick and Sperl is complicated and there are many Easlick’s on the Message Boards but none lead back to my newspaper item. That is the big problem with working with recent records. The bride was born in the 50’s so there are very few records on line about her. The same thing for the groom and without official records it is hard to confirm the relationships. It would be interesting if you were able to tie your Sperl to my Sperl. Maybe someone will see this and come forward.

      1. Thank You. The info you provided in that Obit is now on the tree. That did give me some family trees so I will contact them and see if any one will take the info I have. Good Work finding that.
        Take Care.


  1. Thanks to the item currentdescendent sent me I have been able to find 17 family trees for the Easlick posting. The item was an obit and it contained a couple of names and dates which were the key to opening up the tree. When I posted the item in this blog I had not been able to confirm any trees, but with the key I was able to find new people, branches and trees. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the comment. There is no question at this time. When I first found her picture and news item I was unable to find any family trees for her but since that initial posting I have been able to find family trees for her and have sent them the newspaper item.

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