Tennessee or New Jersey in Newspaper Table?

Today Feb. 16 2013, I received a message from a Mark Aubrey:

“Thanks for the work. A correction for you, though. The Sunday Chronicle of Knoxville, Tennessee is actually from Paterson, New Jersey.”

I of course knew what he was talking about as I had run into the same problem with other newspapers.

I didn’t know this specific error that Mark was pointing out, but in the past I’ve found that the Google News Archive list has a mixture of newspapers within a designated collection.

I sent a message back to Mark thanking him for the find and told him I would get on it right away.

What I found was exactly what Mark was talking about. The Knoxville, Tennessee newspaper “The Sunday Chronicle” has two different sets of collections under the newspaper name “The Sunday Chronicle” however only a small portion of the 1,447 issues they have are from Knoxville, Tennessee, the rest of the collection is from Paterson, New Jersey.

The first newspaper in the collection is Aug 1883 and it is published in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since I used the first issue of each collection to assign a publication location, Knoxville is what I assigned to “The Sunday Chronicle”. The collection continues thru March of 1884 and all those are from Knoxville. Then the collection has a big gap in years of issues which I talked about in my blog: “How To Work with Google Archive News”

I even showed an example of the “gap in issues”.


“The Sunday Chronicle” collection resumes in the December 1894 but this time it is no longer a Knoxville, Tennessee newspaper but a Paterson, New Jersey newspaper and it continues as the Paterson, New Jersey newspaper to the end of the collection in March 23 1924.

So Mark Aubrey made a significant find and has improved the USA Only Enhanced News Table for all of us who will use it in the future.

I went into the table and added a few lines in the Knoxville, Tennessee box and then added a new box under the New Jersey collection. I did not put the “new added” listing in with the other Google News Archive newspapers and even gave it a different color shading so that people would not mix up mine and Google’s entries. I also grabbed that portion of the table and brought it here for you to review [Note: the shading does not show up here].


New Jersey – 10     Back to Top
New Jersey – Bayonne City New Jersey – Camden New Jersey – Newark New Jersey – Newark
The Bayonne Herald
1,801 issues
Jul 17, 1869 – Dec 25, 1915
Camden Democrat
2,436 issues
Aug 27, 1859 – Mar 26, 1982
Newark Sunday Call
1,796 issues
Jun 19, 1881 – Nov 17, 1946
The Sunday Call
453 issues
May 19, 1872 – May 8, 1881
New Jersey – Paterson New Jersey – Paterson New Jersey – Paterson New Jersey – Trenton
Paterson Daily Press
12,051 issues
Sep 21, 1863 – Dec 31, 1981
The Paterson Press
1,796 issues
Sep 19, 1863 – Sep 25, 1915
The Paterson Weekly Press
1,974 issues
Sep 26, 1863 – Jul 3, 1902
Daily True American
7,636 issues
Jan 1, 1880 – Nov 14, 1908
New Jersey – Trenton New Jersey – Trenton New Jersey – Paterson  
Evening True American
205 issues
Nov 12, 1912 – Jul 28, 1913
Trenton True American
1,023 issues
Dec 1, 1908 – Nov 11, 1912
The Sunday Chronicle
Unknown issues
Dec1894 – Mar 23 1924Aug 83 to Mar 84 is Tenn.Error found by Mark Aubrey
Tennessee – Knoxville      
The Sunday Chronicle
1,447 issues
Aug 19, 1883 – Mar 23, 1924Aug 83 to Mar 84 is Tenn.Dec 94 to end is NJError found by Mark Aubrey

I hope Mark’s sharp eye will help others to find the items they are looking for; be it in Tennessee or New Jersey.

Thank You.
Take Care.

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