Percy and Irene Greene (Green) 1974

Where is Percy Green in 1940?

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find a family member on some census record when you “KNOW” the person has to be there?

I found an obituary for Irene Greene and created a tree to find her real Family Tree.

Obit Irene V Greene
Obit Irene V Greene

I was able to create a large tree with lots of branches and I found two (2) family trees right away.
Even though I had found the two family trees I continued working on my created tree because I was sure there were more family trees out there.

Percy Branch
Percy Branch
Percy Greene 2
Percy Greene 2
Irene branch
Irene branch

In the end I only found the two trees.

I sent them both, the text info, link to the obituary and told them about the tree that I had created. I put one of the owners as guest on my tree so she could go into the tree without having to look for it. I also told them that I was moving on to other things.

This was just a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday I got a wonderful message from Roberta saying my info and tree had really helped her with her family tree, so I figured I’d better go see what I had on the tree that was so helpful.

While looking at the tree I noticed that Percy Green did not have a 1940 census record listed on his profile page.

Percy Timeline
Percy Timeline

In 1940 Percy would be about forty-five years old and the youngest child would be about nine years old so the family had to be on the 1940 US Federal census for Maryland. After all Percy has been on the 1930, 1920, 1910 and 1900 census so where was he in 1940?

I love a good mystery and this seemed to be one that I could solve.


How does one go about finding a person on a census record when they do not show up in a simple search?
The first thing I looked at was the 1930 census transcription page to record all the family names.

1930 trans
1930 trans


Well, that is interesting! I was ready to write a long HOW TO blog but the first slide I look at to put on this blog (1930 transcription) answered the 1940 question.

Hint on 1930 trans
Hint on 1930 trans

I was just not paying attention.

I had not seen that hint “Percy Greece” when I first started looking for the 1940 census and the reason I now know it is correct is because I found Percy in 1940 using the following steps.

The HOW TO steps that I was going to cover in my blog were the following.

1. Look at the Percy 1930 census to see if an address and street are given.
2. Look at a current map to see where that address is located.
3. Identify the major roads that are to the North, East, South and West of that address.
4. Look at the top of the 1930 census to get the enumeration district number.
5. Find a random 1940 census record for Maryland.
6. Bring up the enumeration district listing for 1940.
7. Look for the 1940 district using the street address from 1930 and locate it within the N, E, S, and W boundaries.
8. Look through each of the 30 pages of the 1940 census in that district, in that section, to see if I could find Green, Percy.


I followed all these steps and found a Percy Greece on Page 9 of 30 pages, in the US Fed. 1940 Maryland > Baltimore > Catonsville > 3-8 District 1, census record.

I took screen prints of each step but had not cropped them. I started writing the blog and pulled up the first screen print to crop when I notice the “Percy Greece” hint that stopped me.

Lesson for today is PAY ATTENTION to what is on the screen.

I hope this will help you when looking for a relative on Always look at the right side of the screen on the transcript page for possible hints.

Hints Right Side
Hints Right Side

I will put together a HOW TO blog with slides for my next posting. After all I have prepared slides for the blog and now I just have to crop them.

Thank You.

To View the Original item,
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Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore Afro-American
May 11, 1974

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