The History of the Brown Name

Thanks to the following link I was able to find out what “WNU Service” designated.

Strippers Guide

Strippers Guide

The Stripper’s Guide blog blog discusses the history of the American newspaper comic strip.

Obscurity of the Day: Mickie, The Printer’s Devil”

…He took the concept to the editor of Western Newspaper Union, a syndicate that supplied material mostly to rural newspapers,…

I came across the designation in the following newspaper.

Crook County News

Crook County News

Hulett, Wyoming
The Crook County News – Jun 11, 1936

when I was reading

The Romance of Your Name
by Ruby Haskins Ellis
copyright Public Ledger, Inc. – WNU Service

If you notice the item about the name Brown has the copyright Public Ledger, Inc. – WNU Service.

The item tells the history of the name Brown which according to the item the first record of it is in 1377.

I am sure most people having the last name of Brown and having done any work on family trees already know the history but just in case there is anyone out there who does not know, the above link to “The Romance of Your Name” will explain it to you.

So coming across this 1936 newspaper item I was able to learn some new things; comic strip history, WNU designation and the history of the Brown Name.

It was a good day!

Opps. I just noticed that one (1) column over from the “Brown name” column there is an item titled “Odds and Ends…” which has the copyright Western Newspaper Union. I guess I could have looked there for the WNU designation.

Thank You.