Owosso, Michigan – The Argus Press

The Google News Archive list has some wrong newspaper dates.

Take for instance the The Argus-Press published in Owosso, Michigan.
The November 13, 1911 newspaper is a November 11, 1972 newspaper which is featuring the front page of the 1911 newspaper.

1911 Front Page in 1972 newspaper
1911 Front Page in 1972 newspaper

The next newspaper they list is dated November 13, 1951 but the real date of the newspaper is November 13, 1981.

1981 Newspaper
1981 Newspaper

When you go to the web page for The Argus Press you will get the following layout of the collection.


But in reality the collection should begin in the 1970’s.

Always remember to look at the layout of the newspaper and the actual dates on the newspapers presented in that collection, because the dates may be wrong. If you were looking for some relative in what you thought was 1911 newspaper you will waste much time if you didn’t check the date first.

Remember there are 2440 newspaper collections in Google News Archive and if I found one there might be others which have wrong dates or even wrong newspaper names.

I hope this will be a reminder to always check before you jump into the Google News Archive Collection.

Thank You.

To View the Original item,
Select The Argus Press
in box below:

Owosso, Michigan
The Argus Press

8,418 issues
Nov 13, 1911 – Oct 31, 2008

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