Was George Pardoned?

George S. E. Vaughan (Vaughn) has a very interesting life story linked to US history or US folklore.
I found this item:

Newspaper Obit.

Newspaper Obit.

Bessemer, Michigan
September 9, 1899

The Bessemer Herald – Sep 9, 1899

Man Whose Pardon Was Signed April 14, 1865, Dies in Missouri.

George S. E. Vaughan, who was the subject of Abraham Lincoln’s last official act as President of the United States, died at Maryville, Mo. At the outbreak of the war he followed the fortunes of Gen. Mark T. Green, who raised a Confederate regiment. He was tried twice as a spy and each time sentenced to death. The president finally signed his pardon the evening of April 14, 1865, just before he left for the theater where he was assassinated.

I then went looking for a family tree for him and found the findagrave web page for him.

findagrave screen print

findagrave screen print



The above items were all I was able to find on George when I looked for a family tree for him. Maybe he is just not on any family tree that is on Ancestry.com or his name is misspelled and just doesn’t show up. I did a search on Google and got this interesting update. It seems there is some dispute about the story the newspapers ran at the time. He may not have been pardoned.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – George_S.E._Vaughn

Maybe someday someone will read this little item and claim him for their tree.

Thank You.

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Bessemer, Michigan
The Bessemer Herald
Sepember 9, 1899

This message from Anne Harding gives some new information.

Submitted on 2014/06/27 at 4:10 pm

“… He’s the oldest son of Almond Vaughn and Samaria Nevil Vaughn (later McQueen).

I’m a direct descendant of his sister Mary Ellen Vaughn McQueen Davis, who married Garrett Davis…”

and still another update:
This message comes from Mandi Brown who wrote me on June 28, 2014 at 3:36 pm

“George Vaughan is laid to rest here in my town. The State of Missouri has the documents his documents in regards to his Presidential pardon, the last one President Lincoln signed. George was scheduled to be shot in the St Louis Armory, St Louis Missouri. He had three days left and we all know what happened. He made his way here to Northwest Missouri and lived a very honorable life. He is listed on Find-A-Grave in Oak Hill Cemetery, Maryville, Nodaway Co., Mo with more information.”

Thank You Anne and Mandi for your input.
Jose from Clarkston, Michigan