Frank C. Ives – Billiardist 1899

Frank C Ives was a young man when he died, but he was a wealthy man.

I found this item:


Nevada, Missouri
The Nevada Daily Mail
August 31, 1899

Frank C. Ives is Dead.
Champ’ on Billiardist Passes Away in the Republic of Mexico
Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug 31

A telegram received by Dr. J. D. Peters, father-in-law of Frank Ives the…

I was unable to find a family tree for this rich young man but I did find a small item which confirms the obituary’s information about being a champion billiardist.

Another item
Another item

Always look for other items, in other newspapers which will confirm information about your ancestors.

Maybe someday someone will read this little item and claim him for their tree.

Thank You.

To View the Original Obit,
Select The Nevada Daily Mail in box below:

Nevada, Missouri
The Nevada Daily Mail
August 31, 1899

Full Paper – The Nevada Daily Mail

Update: 30 Oct 2014

I was updating my files and I found two other items for Frank C. Ives.

1895 - Frank Ives in the news

1895 - Frank Ives in an ad

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