Inauguration speech

The president will be giving his inauguration speech and I thought it would be interesting to see what other presidents have had to say.

I did a Google Search and found a web site that has a list of all the presidential inauguration speeches. The site is from Yale Law School – Avalon Law Project The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents .

They have a full list although some of the links are broken but if you are interested in what Jefferson, Grant , McKinley or Wilson had to say in the second term inauguration speech then you can read it on that web page.

Yale Avalon Proj
Yale Avalon Proj

I also found two of the speeches in old newspapers and I give you those links here:

President Grants Speech at his 2nd Inauguration

President Wilson Speech at his 2nd Inauguration

Thank You.

Oh, one more thing. Take time to relax and feed the fish.

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  1. Cornelius, I always say start simple and cheap, you can always upgrade. The important thing is to write everyday and when the time is right (and you will know when that is) you will find the perfect tool to use. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to have a certain talent or product to be a successful writer the tools don’t matter and the talent comes with practice.
    Take Care.

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