Transcript and Original Image – Joseph Banks 1917

When looking at transcripts of documents always view the original image to make sure it matches the transcript because both transcript and original will be put on to your family tree.
Here is an example of what I am writing about (

Transcript web page
Transcript web page

The transcript information is on left. The original document can be accessed on top right corner.
I was looking for information on a Joseph Banks and brought up this WWI Draft Registration Record.
It matched the information I was looking for and at this time I could have clicked on the Save button.
Luckily I’ve learned to always look at the original before saving anything to my family tree so I clicked on view original image and this is what came up.

Image of original
Image of original

I know my spelling is not always correct but it looks to me that this original image is not for Joseph Banks.

Blow Up of document
Blow Up of document

Once I saw that the transcript and original did not match I clicked on it a few more times back and forth to make sure; just like when the elevator button has been pressed once already.
I then contacted to tell them about the problem. I reported the problem by clicking on Report issue on the left side of transcript page (As shown below 1).

Contact web admin
Contact web admin

I also left a comment on the page (see above 2) so that it will alert others who might happen upon this page.
Always inform the web page admin about problems with their content. makes it very easy to send them a notification when a problem is spotted and they always get back to you when they have corrected the error.

So three things to remember:
1. Always check the original image before saving transcripts to your family tree.
2. Always report any errors you find on the web page.
3. Remember to feed the fish.

Thank You.

For item number three (3) you will have to go to the main page of my blog.

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