LAUGHED AT LOCKS AND BARS – Woodson and Cooper 1883

In Google News Archive list they have a newspaper which they titled “The Nevada Daily Mail” Jul 10, 1883. However the actual name of the paper is “The Daily Mail” and it is published in Nevada, Missouri. I never knew there was a Nevada, Missouri. I mention the different names just as a reminder to me that I have to fix that in my Table of States.

Anyway in July of 1883 there was this small item published in this paper.

Marshall, July 10 – Miss Lee
Woodson eloped yesterday with
Sam Cooker (Cooper), a young school teacher
of this place. The girl’s step-mother
is the sister of Cooper and her
father objected to the marriage.

I thought the item might be of interest to a family tree so I did a search and found seven (7) family trees. I sent them all the item.

Woodson and Cooper elope
Woodson and Cooper elope

The interesting thing is that none of the trees show a step-mother although it is possible there was one, since Lee’s (Anna Lee) mother died in 1877.
Another interesting thing on the family trees is that the eloping couple has a son born almost nine months after the wedding, so I guess they did the right thing by eloping .

The family trees also show that the couple remained married and had a large family, so again I say they knew what they were doing regardless of what the father thought of the idea.

Thank You.

The links to the item and to the full paper are given below.

Front Page 3rd Column bottom
Item is two columns over to the right of this ad:

Nevada, Missouri
The Daily Mail January 9, 1913

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