Jackson, Michigan 1900

When looking for your ancestors in old census records aren’t you sometimes frustrated because nothing comes up when you do a search?

Why can’t I find ”old Uncle Harry” in the 1900 census, he was born in 1895 so he should be there?
Well, maybe this is one of the reasons; Small Pox Quarantine”.

Full Page of census 1900
Full Page of census 1900


Full census page 1900
Bring up corner Blow Up
Header of census page
Header of census page

Jackson, Michigan June 1900.

Blow up detail
Blow up detail

14 living Persons in this house
ordered by Board of health not
to visit this House.
quarintined against
Small Pox

Aren’t we lucky to be living in the year 2013 and not in the year 1900?

Thank You.

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  1. I was having trouble finding my farther for awhile untill I finley fond he was listed as a she, even his birth certific said he was a femail, his name was Leon but they had it as Leone. So you really have to look hard some times. I was told later that the doc who deliverd him was drunk when he was deliverd.

    1. Family records can be tricky. In my country they put the mothers name at the end of the father’s last name (which seems to be a good way of identifying family branches) so when those records are used here in the states they never match with the states records. It gets really messy sorting things out. I am glad that you found your father even if it did take a bit of digging. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      Take Care.

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