80 Year War – Dutch Genealogy

My ancestors come from Spain way back in the 1500’s so I shouldn’t be helping you with your Dutch ancestors.

80 Year War
80 Year War

Let me explain. According to ”The People’s Chronology” – A Year-by-Year Record of Human Events from Prehistory to the Present, by James Trager, 1992; A Henry Holt Reference Book; Henry Holt and Co., NY.
On June 4, 1568, leaders of the Flemish opposition to the Spanish Inquisition are beheaded as traitors at Brussels, and the action precipitates a revolt of the Lowlands that will continue for 80 years. The Comte d’Egmont, the Comte d’Horn, and 18 others are executed and there is a general confiscation of the estates of those who have failed to appear before the Council of Blood, including William of Orange, who has left Holland with thousands of Netherlanders.

So the war goes on for eighty (80) years and in 1648; The Treaty of Munster recognizes the independence of the Dutch Republic of the United Provinces.

Therefore the Dutch revolted against Spain and won their independence, so I shouldn’t be helping the Dutch.

On the other hand my recent ancestors come from Bolivia who also revolted against Spain and won their independence from Spain so that side of me is okay with helping the Dutch.

Thus if you have Dutch ancestors and would like to find information about them then go to this web site:

Dutch Genealogy Web Page
Dutch Genealogy Web Page

Yvette’s Dutch Genealogy Homepage

Introduction: This site helps people of Dutch descent research their Dutch ancestors. Many articles explain the research opportunities in the Netherlands, both offline and online. Other articles give background information about Dutch history in general and emigration in particular…

The reason I know about this link is because I came across a comment Yvette made on this blog:

The Family Kalamazoo
The Family Kalamazoo

The Family Kalamazoo: A genealogical site devoted to the history of the DeKorn and Zuidweg families of Kalamazoo

I came to the Kalamazoo blog because of a comment the author of that blog had put on my blog page, and I turned their blog information into a Family Tree.

Family Tree
Family Tree

So the circle is completed by one person helping another, who helps another, who helps…

Don’t be afraid to share your information, you never know what treasures will come your way.

Thank You.

80 Year War Picture comes from: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

By Jose A Munoz

Retired General Motors designer who now works on subjects dealing with genealogy. I create trees using items I find in old Google News Archive newspapers and I contact other tree owners notifying them about the news item concerning their relative and send them a link to the tree I created. I post a screen print of the news item on the tree for others to copy, so that my work will benefit others. Occasionally, I will post about the tree I created or the item that I found, always with a "how to" in-bedded in the post. I want my blog posts to help others with their family trees or with their genealogy experiences.


  1. Jose, this is great. What is so funny is that the rumor is that some of my Dutch ancestors actually came from Spain, probably around the time of the Inquisition. So maybe there is even more to this circle!! Thank you so much for all your efforts!!

  2. You’re welcome. I always enjoy reading other peoples blogs and finding ways to help makes it that more enjoyable.

    1. Yvette, you are the one we have to thank for giving us such a good tool for finding Dutch ancestors. Keep up the good work.

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