Check All Family Tree Hints

When creating your family tree, make sure you check all the family tree hints given on everyone of the people on your tree. You might be surprised to find a family tree coming off of a distant relative which does not show up anywhere else.

In my tree creations I always try to capture all the trees, but then again that is my main goal. I find newspaper items and try to find family tree owners who have a possible interest in the item.

For the rest of you who are creating your own family trees it is just as important to check every person for family tree hints because there might be someone who is tracking that one person’s family branch and they may have information that pertains to your immediate branch.

I got to thinking about checking for family trees when I was creating a family tree for Sheryl’s grandmother line. I thought I would create a family tree from the information Sheryl gives in her blog A Hundred Years Ago , where she transcribes her grandmother’s diary of a hundred years ago and gives a history of her grandmothers’ life. Every blog posting has a new clue that can be used to generate a good solid family tree so I made it my mission to create the tree from just the information provided by Helena’s diary and her granddaughter Sheryl’s insight.

Helena's Family Tree
Helena’s Family Tree

My writing this blog today was prompted by the fact that not only did Helena have family tree hints but the other family members also had family tree hints but not all of the members had the same family tree hints. It occurred to me that many people neglect to review the family tree hints of every person and by not reviewing them they sometimes miss important branches of the family. I have seen many a tree created with only one branch growing in length because the owners do not want to research anyone else on their family tree except for the branch that has them on it. By limiting their family tree to one simple branch made their family tree less interesting, albeit less work for them.

The problem with limiting your family tree to just one branch is that you deprive all the other branches from growing and you deprive other tree owners from finding their family ancestors.

For instance the simple six person tree created for Helena Muffly Swartz yielded me seven different trees initially and once the sibling’s information was on the tree gave me two more family trees which only had Bessie or Albert on their branch of the family.

If I had stopped looking for other family trees once I got the hints for the seven family trees I would have missed the other two branches and I would not have sent them my message about the blog.

Which brings me to the other thing you must always remember to do, and that is to share your information with others, because by so doing you might come in contact with someone who has seen a blog which contains information about your family.

Thank You.

List of Family Trees:

Bessie F. Muffley (Muffly)
Owner: DAOPP1137
Albert Muffly
Hoff Hogue Family
Owner: hoffdenise52
Phoebe Jane Derr (picture)
Howlett Muffly Family
Owner: Gerald_McCune
Helena Muffly
Owner: gblanes1965
Muffley Family Tree
Owner: lmuffley
Gerald and Sue Family Tree’s
Owner: Gerald_McCune
Hester Family Tree
Owner: Drew Hester
Warn & Corson Tree (2 Trees)
Owner: haberman1

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  1. I wanted all of you readers to know that I got a reply from a family tree owner: The tree owner who was not part of the initial seven family trees that I found.

    Today (12Jan2013)8:55 PM GMT

    Thank you SO MUCH for the link. The farm photo on the header is indeed a farm from my family history. I am enjoying the diary. Been doing genealogy now for 35 years. My grandma’s name was HESTER and Curtis and Dan Curtis were her cousins. Denise


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