First Born

Bryan Keith Olson
Bryan Keith Olson

Caption Reads:

He’s a Year Old Now…
BOONE COUNTY’S first baby of 1969 is quite the young man now. Bryan Keith Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Olson, now of Greeley, Colo., Weighed 8 lbs., 14 oz. when born and is now as husky as can be. Mrs. Olson is the former Janice Tilley of Ogden. The family visited relatives here during the holidays. The boy’s father is a mechanic.

Now who doesn’t like a baby picture? Just like puppies and kittens can grab the attention of the “you-tube” viewer, back in the day a baby pictures sold newspapers; especially if it was the picture of the first baby born that year. As you can see they ran the new-born baby picture back in 1969 and sold lots of newspapers if just to the family members. Now in 1970 they follow-up with his picture at one year old and I am sure sold quite a few more newspapers. I wonder how many copies of those newspapers the grandparents and parents bought.

Bryan Keith Olson in January 2013 should be 44 years old and probably has a family of his own. I have not researched this family yet but I will try to find a family tree for the photo just in case no one has a copy of that picture. If they do see the picture here, I wonder how many copies of the picture will go around once again.

I wanted to give you something other than death and destruction stories.

Thank You.

To View the Original Select in this box:

Ogden, Iowa
The Ogden Reporter
Jan 7, 1970

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