1959 Yellowstone earthquake

I was hoping to find family trees for all the people mentioned in this item, but I was only able to find a couple and they never replied so I don’t know if they ever got the message .  I hope that this blog posting will get to all the other family members who lost someone in the August 1959 Yellowstone Earthquake. The item only listed the most recent names of the persons identified after the quake. I contacted University of Utah Seismograph Stations (1) and they wrote back saying that the total was 29 as they had found one more a few months after the 1959 newspaper item was published. 

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Here is a message I got from a person who was there. I post it as is:
“Donald Nelson
Submitted on 2013/11/14 at 11:22 am

I was there! I had just turned 14 on August 4th and was vacationing with my great uncle and aunt from Wyoming. My great uncle was in charge of the pump station located in Basin, Wy. We had camped at Teton Park for a number of days, then moved on to Yellowstone Park where we spent a few more days. The last leg of our roving vacation took us to a camp ground located in Madison Canyon. We spent two days there when I met another boy my age and we became good friends. We fished the creek around the clock catching brookies. which my great aunt cooked for everyone who wanted to taste the delightful snacks. She just removed the heads and entrails, washed them, rolled them in a little corn meal and into the deep fryer they went. The best tasting fish-fries you ever ate! Anyway… My newly found friend said their family was going to spend one more day at the camp ground before heading back home the morning of August 18th. We, my great uncle and great aunt, were leaving the day before my new friend. I begged and begged my great uncle and great aunt that we could stay one more night so I can be with my new friend one more night. My great aunt positively said NO and the next day, August 17, 1959, around noon or so, we packed up and headed for Billings where I lived with my parents and two sisters. I felt so sad that day, leaving my new friend. I had given him my address and he had given me his so we could write. We arrived where I lived in Billings sometime in the late afternoon. My great uncle and great aunt headed back to Basin, Wyoming where they lived so my great uncle could get ready to return to work.
I remember it was a very hot night as I laid sweating upon my bed sheet wishing a breeze would come through my open window. I had thoughts of my vacation and my new friend racing through my head when suddenly I felt shaking, then it got worse. I sprang from my bed and peered out the window and saw a puppy across the street yipping and fall off the neighbor’s steps. Then my dad hollered, accusing me of shaking his bed and being a practical joker. I hollered back that I was in my bedroom and that I thought it was an earthquake and was not me shaking my parent’s bed. All that I now remember afterwards is a phone call from my great aunt sometime in the morning of August 18th. She informed my mother that the earth quake had caused half a mountain to collapse upon the campground we had been staying at and a lot of people got buried. It hurt so deeply to know the fate of my new friend and his family. It still bothers me today, more then 50 years later.”

Yellowstone Quake 1959

“Quake Death Toll Now Listed at 28”

Newburgh, New York
Newburgh-Beacon News
Sep 1, 1959

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1. University of Utah Seismograph Stations  http://www.seis.utah.edu/lqthreat/nehrp_htm/1959hebg/n1959he3.shtml