Liddel Spencer Davis

Some of the stories in the newspaper are not items dealing with people in the community, but are items that the newspaper has obtained from other sources such as AP.  The following story was printed in a Florida newspaper but it was about a person in Boston.

Although I like finding newspaper items with interesting stories or pictures, not all newspaper items are fun to find. Take for instance the 1930 newspaper item for Liddel Spencer Davis, he was not a congressman nor notable but he might have been had he lived.

Liddel Spender Davis
Liddel Spender Davis

I found a home (8 family trees) for the item but was sorry that I had to send such a sad item.

 Shannon the owner of one of the trees did write me a nice note and filled me in on the rest of the story.

“I show 2 children (on the tree)… Looks like there was a legacy of doctors in that Davis family. Maybe Liddell just wasn’t cut out for it but was expected to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps. Looks like Liddell’s wife, … didn’t remarry as she died as (Mrs.) Davis… “

It is always nice to get a message from the tree owner and sometimes like Shannon they share a little bit of history about the family with me.

Thank you to all the Shannon’s out there and I hope that I don’t have to send out too many sad items to the future family tree.

Thank You.

The Evening Independent – Apr 8, 1930
St. Petersburg, Florida

Boston, April 8, 1930 (AP)
Page one lower right, col. 6.,3952519&dq=alabama+newspaper&hl=en

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