Easy Anna

Easy Anna

The title is suggestive just to catch your attention it does not mean what you think. What “Easy Anna” means is that it was easy to find a family tree for Anna even with the little information that was in the newspaper item.
As you recall this is what was in the newspaper.

Anna Linn marriage 1916

Even with the little information, the two names, Anna Linn, Thos. Bestwick, I was able to find two family trees for Anna and a home for the little newspaper item that I found in the “The Mineral County Press.”
page 2 col 3
The Mineral County Press – Jan 4, 1917, Superior, Montana
The reason for this is that there were trees on Ancestry.com which had Anna and Thomas on one of their branches. As you will notice I used Thomas and not Thos. in my search.

The procedure I use is the following.
Once I found the marriage item in the newspaper, I logged on to Ancestry.com and typed in the names into the appropriate boxes;

Anna Linn Search 4 Family Tree 01

Anna Linn Search 4 Family Tree 02

Anna Linn Search 4 Family Tree 03

made sure I had selected to search only in the United States data base and made sure I had selected to search for only family trees.

Anna Linn Search 4 Family Tree 04

Ancestry.com then took my information and searched all their family trees in the United States for a match to a person named Anna Linn with a spouse named Thomas Bestwick and gave me some options. It always gives the best options first and then any variation on the names and locations thus I got; 156,368 matches, Sorted By Relevance.

Anna Linn Search 4 Family Tree 05

I clicked on the family tree name and was taken to the profile page of Anna Linn.

Anna Linn Search 4 Family Tree 06

You will notice that the family tree name and the owner is given so that you only have to click on the owner

Anna Linn Search 4 Family Tree 07

and there you can click to contact them to send them the information you found.

Anna Linn Search 4 Family Tree 08

If there had been no family trees, which contained the names, then I would get suggestions for family trees which were not really the person I was looking for as was the case with Jackie. [See Jackie Gamboa in previous Blog]

Once I found the family trees for Anna I then sent the owners of the family trees a message giving them the link to the newspaper article and a few lines of text copied off of the item. Now that I know how to capture and clip the newspaper Item I include the instructions on how to cut and paste the newspaper item or just point them to this blog.

I hope this will help you in your search for family trees when you only have a couple of names to type in.

Thank You.

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