Congressman Edward Everett Robbins

I once wrote a book in which I tried to impress on the reader that it was important to write down one’s life story because in this world the only ones who get mentioned in the history books are notables and kings.

Well, in the United States we don’t have kings but we do have notables, congressmen, business tycoons and stars who get their life’s achievements written up for them. A case in point besides Henry Dickson is Congressman Edward Everett Robbins.

I found his item in a 1919 newspaper the “The News-Dispatch” – Jan 28, 1919, of Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

When I found a family tree for him I was only able to send the owner a link to the item, well now I can post his picture along with his long Obituary.

Congressman Edward Everett Robbins Clip 01

Congressman Edward Everett Robbins Photo

I hope that the owners of the family tree with this notable on one of their branches will be able to copy this photo and item, and put it on the Edward E. Robbins branch of the family.

This is all I could send the family tree owners in the past.

The News-Dispatch – Jan 28, 1919
Jeannette, Pennsylvania
Sent to Family Trees:
Roberts Family Tree
Owner:  terracat

Thank You.

To View the Original item,
Select The News-Dispatch in box below:

Jeannette, Pennsylvania
The News-Dispatch
January 28, 1919

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