Clip It ! – How to do a screen print

In the last three blogs we got the link to the Google News Archive list of old newspapers, an Enhanced News Archive List with Locations which shows where those newspapers were published and even a broken out version which lists only the newspapers published in the United States USA newspaper list.

So we now can browse 2440 newspapers for articles about our ancestors but what good is all this when we can’t clip out that article or that picture of old uncle Larry?

Good News!

 I now know how to clip and capture the screen, thanks to 

Downloading, Saving & Printing from Google News Archive “.

 Thank You.

Here it the information that is provided on that web page:

Downloading, Saving & Printing from Google News Archive

Google News Archive does not currently offer a direct way to download, save or print newspaper images. If you want to clip an obituary or other small notice for your personal files, the easiest way to do this is to take a screen shot.

  1. Enlarge your browser window with the relevant page/article from Google News Archive so that it fills your entire computer screen. 
  2. Use the enlarge button in Google News Archive to enlarge the article you want to clip to an easy to read size that fits entirely within your browser window. 
  3. Hit the “Print Screen” or “Prnt Scrn” button on your computer keyboard. For help with this, see these How to Capture a Screen Shot tutorials for Windows and Mac OS X
  4. Open your favorite photo editing software and look for the option to open or paste a file from your computer’s clipboard. This will open the screenshot taken of your computer browser window. 
  5. Use the “crop” tool to crop the article in which you’re interested and then save it as a new file (I usually include the newspaper title and date in the file name). 
  6. If you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7, make it easier on yourself and use the Snipping Tool instead!

clipped from newspaper

8 thoughts on “Clip It ! – How to do a screen print

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  1. I am currently looking forward to getting back into doing silk screening and when I saw your post was about “How to do a screen print” I was thrilled to find that someone else was combining family history and printmaking. It was sort of funny to find you were talking about taking a screen shot of the article. Anyway, I’ll look around and see what else you have here. I do find old newspaper articles a wonderful way into my ancestors times and lives.

  2. I use HyperSnap for newspapers that aren’t in pdf format. I’ve used it for years and love it. In fact I couldn’t do without it. It’s about $30, but well worth the money. If it’s in pdf forma I just use the snapshop tool.

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