Who Is He?

In the previous blogs we got the link to the Google News Archive list of old newspapers, an Enhanced News Archive List with Locations, a broken out version which lists only the newspapers published in the United States USA newspaper list and instructions on how to capture all the newspaper articles Downloading, Saving & Printing from Google News Archive .

The question on your mind, I believe, is “Who is the guy in the last Blog?” 

is it a  picture of old uncle Larry?

his picture
his picture

Well here is his story.

Long story
Long story

Henry Dickson was a mason and builder and one of the best known and best liked citizen of Newark, according to the newspaper article.

The article which of course cannot be read here goes on to tell about his life and death. The actual photocopy of the clipping can be read.

I chose Henry Dickson’s Obit and picture to illustrate that newspaper articles and pictures can be captured off of the old newspapers.

Back in March of 2012, I could only send the family trees the information you see below.
Henry Dickson

Page 1
Newark Sunday Call Jan 2, 1910

“Sudden Summons For Henry Dickson”

A long article which has a lot of info on his life.
His mother Agnes Dickson survives him. She lives with her other son
(Henry’s brother) William J Dickson, they live at 267 North Seventh St

Henry was Married twice
1st Miss Carrie Burdett
she died 2 yrs after marriage leaving one child Harry now age 21.
In 1898 Mr. Dickson married Mrs Frank Lore Bedell widow…
On page 2 there is a picture of him.

Sent to Family Trees:
shekinaglory = Montana Williamsons’s and Family
TriciaB5581 = All Records
BShakotko = complete Patrick McPeek ancestry file from Willard
Denise McGuinness = McGuinness Tree 1

When I first stumbled upon Googles News Archive list of newspapers I was looking for a specific person for a friends’ family tree. Since then I have looked for interesting stories which might be added to other family trees.

Up until now I was only able to send the owners of the family trees; the link to the newspaper, a note telling them where to find the item (Pg 4, col 2) and a few lines of text that I transcribed off of the article (Henry Dickson died 31 Dec 1909, etc.). [As I show above]

I did not take the time to transcribe the whole article leaving that task to the family of the person mentioned in the newspaper item. 

As you can see it would have been a lengthy task to transcribe all of Henry’s item.  I say items because the stories I found and sent off were not only long article Obituaries like the one here about Henry Dickson, but were four line birth notices, wedding reception society page item, tragic stories of drowning, fires, and even killings. So they were “items” not strictly Obituary Notices, or Marriage Announcements or news stories, they were items.

In the 1950’s there was a TV program that always started it’s program with the following line; “There are millions of stories in the naked city, this is just one of them.” or words to that effect. Well, in these old newspapers which we now have access to there are millions of stories but we have to hunt for them.

I have found hundreds and will continue to look for new ones but I will also share the stories with the readers of this Blog. In the past I found the story, found the family tree and sent it off, so the only ones who knew about the item were I and the several family tree owner that I contacted. By putting the story in the Blog many more people will learn about the person and be inspired to go looking for similar such stories about their own family ancestors.

In the past as I mentioned I was only able to send out small bits of information but now I can send out a photocopy of the actual article.

Now I can also go back to those hundreds of stories and capture them (clip) and send them to the family trees.

Over the coming months I will bring some of those (old) stories to these pages along with the clipped newspaper item and sometimes pictures. I hope that publishing them here will be of some value to all who view the blog.

Thank You

To View the Original item,
Select Newark Sunday Call in box below:

Newark, New Jersey
Newark Sunday Call
January 2, 1910

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