Enhanced Newspaper Archive List

If you have ever worked with Google News Archive list then you know that it only contains the names of newspapers, not where they were published.

Google News Archive List
Google News Archive List

I’ve enhanced that chart by adding the publication locations for each of the 2440 newspapers. So now you can look for states or countries and not have to guess if the “The Daily News” comes from India or Indiana.

Enhanced News Archive List with Locations

Enhanced News Archive List
Enhanced News Archive List


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  1. I also want to point out that your *Helpful* blog failed to say that you need Word Viewer to use your thing as most people may not be that tech savvy like you are. Your a rare breed so don’t think it will come like 1 2 Switch for most people.

  2. BTW: The only reason I figured it out is because I am used to doing weird file formats to begin with or I’d be totally clueless as I have done weird formats with things like Winamp but most people don’t do that. They are casual users and while you shouldn’t hold their hand so they can have a chance to learn you shouldn’t hold back info that is needed either.

    Even with Word Viewer the doc won’t automatically open it up so you have to manually find the download. A more user friendly format would be helpful no?

    Rude replies are not cool and only make the person look like a total dick. Just being helpful.

    1. Thank You for the information. I will review all those early post and add your helpful hints. Even I could not figure out what I was talking about when I looked at some of the old posts. I get caught up in my new projects and forget to look at the old stuff; thanks to you I will review and revise.

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